Monday, July 20, 2009

Final Statistics

Pulled into the driveway at 5pm...what an amazing trip. Here are some fun statistics:

Miles Driven: 2,672
Gas: $318.66
Restaurants Visited: 20 IHOP (2), Cracker Barrell, Waffle House, Ruby Tuesdays, Hard Rock Cafe, TGI Friday's, Ground Zero Blues Club, J Alexander's, Noshville Cafe, Chick Fil A (3), McDonald's (1), Subway (2), Memphis Redbirds Stadium, Montgomery Biscuits Stadium, Western Sizzlin', Papa John's, Olive Garden, Blues Street, Joe's Crab Shack, Pizza Playland, other words, failed miserably in my attempts to sample the local cuisine.
Favorite Meal: IHOP for Breakfast!!
Traffic Citations: ZERO!!!
Favorite Hotel: Hotel Indigo (Nashville)
Least Favorite Hotel: Jameson Inn (Selma)
Nicest People: Memphis, TN
Favorite City: Memphis, TN
Most Unusual Traffic Patterns: Montgomery, AL (three consecutive one way streets going in the same direction)
Ate for the 1st time and liked it: Fried Catfish
Ate too much and no longer like it: fast food
Overrated foods: BBQ Nachos
Underrated foods: Grits and Kentucky Fried Chicken
Best Museum: Rosa Parks Museum in Montgomery
Saw too many: vanity license plates


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  2. you all must be glad to be home.. thank you so much for sharing your trip with all of us.. it was nice way to start my day..
    love you all, Kelli

  3. I personally love fried catfish and grits with you know I am a very healthy eater. But these are two things I can not hold back and eat when I see/smell them.......grits with butter and catfish with hot sauce! Knowing your track record I really can not believe that you did not get any traffic or speeding violations-HA! I can not wait to see all the pictures and talk to you about the trip! I know it was a great time!

  4. Kelly,
    We are definately glad to be home. Thanks so much for following along with are wonderful.

  5. Matt,
    I was so surprised that I enjoyed the catfish po boy...and grits are awesome. Actually, maybe its the butter, cheese and everything that makes me like grits. Great stuff for sure. I can't wait to share all the photos & videos with you. If you want, I'll send Dad home w/a DVD for you that includes all of the pictures (over 200) and video clips (27). I'm excited about not getting any speeding tickets. I was a little worried in Mississippi...they probably send you to jail for speeding:) Thanks again for following along with us. You are the best.